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Summer, flowers, loungers…

Summer has really arrived. Time to walk down to the beach 200 feet below, to cut some flowers and to visit the lilac gardens of the Cap à l’Aigle sector. Or maybe to drive to the different culinary destinations of La route des saveurs. The day here starts at 4:20 am and the sun sets around 9pm. Yes 4:20 am!!!… Regional festivals all over the region, restaurants, museums, galeries. Music, boats. Even the full moons are celebrated at the La Malbaie Museum. At the Ocean Breeze Cottage in the Cap à l’Aigle sector of the town of La Malbaie, you can enjoy a good coffee on the terrace up to the month of november in your pyjamas with a little help from the sun. Beleive us, we tried it! And this natural wonder has still some availabilities for rent in september, october and november. Call us for any info!


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